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The service is available in languages: Estonian   Hungarian   Armenian

Looking for co-founders to establish a company for the project ViaLatM

The project is developed and used by real users within a year. The project is ready for the commercial stage.
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Service ViaLatM

We provide a service that allows the user to use a single "Window" and a simple "Control panel" for the world IoT. All the features of the service for GPS monitoring are saved.

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Mobile applications

Applications for smartphones developed by the company: GPS Beacon & Tracker - free and simple Android application for GPS monitoring, compatible with the service ViaLatM; Simple Dictaphone - free Android application to create and work with audio notes.

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For Developers

Developer tools: convertors time and speed ; communication protocol for smartphones to work with ViaLatM; the description of API access to the service. The protocol allows to create mobile applications that work with the service; API - to interact with the service from other applications and web sites.

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