IoT & GPS Service ViaLatM

The main product of the company - IoT & GPS service ViaLatM. It supports a variety of mobile applications, devices and protocols. We make the complex world of IoT easier, clearer and friendlier to our users. All the features of the service for GPS monitoring are saved, but now you can add and work with devices that have access to the Internet and is not limited to the tasks of the field of GPS.
The service is available in languages: Estonian   Hungarian.

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November,17 2015. In IoT & GPS service ViaLatM you can create shortcuts and have access to the same object from different folders and user accounts.

Service ViaLatM

We provide a service that allows the user to use a single "Window" and a simple "Control panel" for the world IoT. All the features of the service for GPS monitoring are saved.

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Mobile applications

Applications for smartphones developed by the company: GPS Beacon & Tracker - free and simple Android application for GPS monitoring, compatible with the service ViaLatM; Simple Dictaphone - free Android application to create and work with audio notes.

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For Developers

Developer tools: convertors time and speed ; communication protocol for smartphones to work with ViaLatM; the description of API access to the service. The protocol allows to create mobile applications that work with the service; API - to interact with the service from other applications and web sites.

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